• "You can count on IFM equipment"

    Reuven Spector, control engineer, Tempo Ltd
  • "IDEC controllers provide long-term stable solutions"

    Meir Arieh-Lee, CEO, Autocon Ltd
  • "Winning quality and service!"

    Yossi Durani, sales manager, I. Kashtan
    Grasslin       Time Switchers
  • "Cooperation and polite service whenever it's possible. At Astragal it's always possible."

    Amos Barda, logistics manager, Electra Elevators
  • "High-quality products, professional support, personal approach"

    Yanko Tamar, CEO and owner, Tamar Y.R. Technologies Ltd
    HIROSE       Connectors
  • "Reliable, high-quality product, true return for your money"

    Noam Nagler, Hashmal Yashir chain store manager
    Grasslin       Time Switchers

Astragal Co. part of the Kashtan Group and Katzenstein-Adler Group, was founded in 1968. The winning combination of experience and know-how turned Astragal into a leader in the electronics, electricity, instrumentation and control market. The company’s top priority is quality and professional approach and works with products imported from Japan, Germany, Italy and other countries. All the above have led over 20 global corporations to choose Astragal as its Israeli representative.