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Astragal | Part of MIGVAN Group’s electricity division


Our solutions

Astragal is one of Israel’s leading distributors for electronics, electro mechanics and control equipment, with 4 decades worth of experience in implementing custom made long-term solutions.
We offer an array of high-quality products and solutions such as electronic components, control, monitoring and warning, industrial instrumentation, metering equipment, modular electrical installations, electric panel components, automation and safety, alongside other solutions in the electro-mechanics and electricity domain.


Our service promise

Our excellent internal logistics enable us to deliver across the country within 24 hours. We pride ourselves in offering a full cycle of service: design, production, integration, installation and maintenance. Our track record is complemented by the personal approach of working with our team of experts.


Our history

Astragal Co. was founded by Katzenstein-Adler Co in 1968 as a pioneering niche distributor, aiming to serve the growing Israeli electricity industry. In 1981 the company merged with Kashtan Co to further solidify its strong market position even more. Astragal expanded its operations to become one of Israel’s first importers of high-tech products and continued to maintain and develop business relationships with world renowned brands offering unprecedented quality. The company became part of MIGVAN Group’s electricity division, and it continues to prosper.


Our partners

Our hard work and expertise throughout the years paid off as we are the proud partners of leading global firms such as  HIOKI, SIRENA, WIELAND, GRASSLIN, BERNSTEIN, SACI, IFM  – who chose us to be their exclusive representatives in Israel.

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The company was founded by Katzenstein-Adler Co. Ltd. As a self-sufficient unit specializing in importing and marketing components for the electricity industry.

Katzenstein-Adler Co. Ltd. Was joined by Kashtan Co. who bought 50% of the company. Astragal joins forces with two of Israel's strongest and most influential groups.

  • The beginning of the high-tech age, Astragal expands and becomes one of the first Israeli companies that began importing products for the electronics industry. The company signs a contract with Hirose from Japan and begins to import and distribute its products to Israel's developing high-tech industry.

  • The company leaves its old headquarters in Tel Aviv and relocates to its new headquarters in the Azor industrial zone. Both company offices and logistical center are in the same location.

  • The company begins to exclusively import products from IFM Co., Germany, a company that specializes in sensors for the manufacturing sector (food, chemicals, minerals).

  • The company improves its relations with Grasslin Co., one of the world's leading manufacturers of command, lighting and temperature control clocks. Currently, Grasslin products control an 80% segment of the Israeli market.

  • A new management is appointed, headed by CEO Moti Azulay

  • A combination of knowledge, professional ability and innovation has turned Astragal into one of the leading companies in Israel in its line of business.

Our Customers

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