IM9000EQUIVALENT CIRCUIT ANALYSIS FIRMWAREEquivalent Circuit Analysis Firmware, optional software built in to the IM3570, equivalent five circuit models, enables displaying the ideal frequency characteristics graph derived from the analysis results,…

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IM3590CHEMICAL IMPEDANCE ANALYZERChemical impedance analyzer, |Z|, L, C, R, conductivity, dielectric constant, automatic bias adjustment up to 5 V for battery cell measurements, testing source frequency: 1 mHz to 200…

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IM3570IMPEDANCE ANALYZERImpedance analyzer,|Z|, L, C, R Testing, testing source frequency: 4 Hz to 5 MHz, measuring time: 0.5 ms, measure LCR and conduct frequency sweeps simultaneouslyHioki LCR Meters and Impedance…

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