FC4A, FC5A, CPU modules, expansion modules

Properties of different controllers:

High speed and impressive performance

Extremely high processing speed

Supports new communication standard MODBUS

Supports up to 42,000 data registers

Supports up to 15 cards (modules) with 32 I/O points per card, totaling 512

Supports 7 different communication outputs

Supports different protocols: Modbus, Master, Slave, Ethernet


  • IDEC

Our Team

The department specializes in providing inclusive monitoring and control instrumentation solutions, one of the cores of advanced industry, using automatic production systems combined with means such as computers, robots, sensing and metering systems, weighing and portioning systems, data collection and processing systems.

Automatic production systems are used in various industries, including the chemical and petrochemical industry, food, textiles, plastics, glass, electronics (OEM), industrialized construction, metal and machinery production.