Electric panel components

Components for electric panels include various products from leading manufacturers of monitoring and control equipment. Among the products are mechanical, digital and astronomic control clocks manufactured by Grasslin Co., Germany, rail line clamps and accessories in a range of colors and sized made by Wieland, Germany, transmitters, bases and LED lights made by Idec, Japan.


The electric panel component department includes several sub-departments, i.e. control and energy saving clocks, attendance clocks, control relays, timers, buttons and indication lights, rail line clamps, power supplies, industrial multi-pin sockets and plugs, audio and visual warnings, metering instruments and current transformers.

    • Industrial connectors
    • Rotari cam switches
    • Disconnected switches
    • Visual and audio warnings
    • Hour Meters
    • Measuring instruments and current transformers
    • Industrial multi-pin sockets and plugs
    • Power supplies
    • Din Rail Terminal Blocks
    • Switches & Pilot Lights
    • Timers
    • Relays
  • Control and energy saving time switches


Our Team

The department staff has extensive experience in this field. Their profound acquaintance and great knowledge are expressed on providing professional solutions for all possible applications. This experience is at your disposal at all times.

Tamir Segal

Dir of Electromechanics Dept.