Our Brands

לוגו wire land

Wieland is a family company, which is engaged in the field of electricity and electronics. Most of the company’s products are manufactured in Germany, and

לוגו HIOKI

The equipment is intended for research and development, manufacture, maintenance and service purposes.

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Established in 1935

סירנה לוגו

An Italian company that manufactures light and sound alerts for a variety of fields such as industrial, civil and commercial, explosion proof equipment, forklifts and

לוגו IFM

IFM Company has been established in 1969, and is mainly engaged in developing and manufacturing various sensors and ASI systems. The company is a family company

לוגו ברנסטן

Bernstein AG is a leading company in the development, manufacture and distribution of systems and components for industrial automation. The company’s mission is to satisfy

לוגו מגנט שולץ

Magnet Schultz manufactures solenoids and electromagnets for the automotive and aerospace industries. Company Website> Established in 1912 Memmingen, Germany 12 representative offices worldwide The inception

לוגו H R S

Hirose is a leading manufacturer of connectors for the electronics industry. The company manufactures a wide range of connectors used in many industries such as