Control and energy saving time switches

At times in which energy consumption keeps rising annually, and based on responsibility for the environment and preservation of energy sources, the demand for energy saving and energetic efficiency is on the rise.

Grasslin Co. energy control and saving products include weekly and astronomical time switches, photoelectric cells and presence and motion sensors, easy to use, convenient to apply, responding to the demand form decreased energy consumption.



  • Photoelectric switches Photoelectric switches
  • Staircase Lighting Time Switch Staircase Lighting Time Switch
  • Motion and presence detectors Motion and presence detectors
  • Astronomical time switches Astronomical time switches
  • Digital time switches Digital time switches
  • Mechanical time switches Mechanical time switches


Grasslin Co., Germany, is known for its mechanical and digital time switchers and leads the market when it comes to its products’ quality and reliability.


Our Team

The department staff has extensive experience in this field. Their profound acquaintance and great knowledge are expressed on providing professional solutions for all possible applications. This experience is at your disposal at all times.

Tamir Segal

Dir of Electromechanics Dept.

Tamir Segal