Electronic components

Electronic components are used for manufacturing electronic products. Astragal’s major activity regarding electronic components includes electromagnetic components, e.g. connectors, switches, buttons, cable braids etc.


  • Keyboards Keyboards
  • Wire and cable harnesses Wire and cable harnesses
  • Resistor capacitors/timers Resistor capacitors/timers
  • Sensors Sensors
  • Switches/breakers Switches/breakers
  • Connectors Connectors


The companies represented by Astragal are Hirose, Japan, that manufactures connectors; Cherry, Germany, that produces breakers, sensors and keyboards; ACP Co., Spain, that manufactures variable resistors; Sinbon Co. that specializes in assembling wire harnesses, Tipro Co., specializing in special custom-made keyboards.

    Our Team

    The product manager has been engaged in this business for over 30 years and has extensive technical background and knowledge of company products.


    Avi Pomerantz

    Director of Electronics Department

    Avi Pomerantz