Connectors are found in every electronic product or system for both internal use in connecting circuits and external use for connecting assemblies and devices. Connectors are divided into families based on their use and mechanical structure. There are many types of connectors including round connectors, end connectors, card connectors, modular connectors, flat cable connectors, high frequency connectors, RF connectors, high voltage connectors etc.


  • Round connectors Round connectors
  • Optic fiber connectors Optic fiber connectors
  • FFC/FPC connectors FFC/FPC connectors
  • RF coaxial connectors RF coaxial connectors
  • RJ45 modular connectors RJ45 modular connectors
  • B to B card connectors B to B card connectors
  • I/O connectors I/O connectors


Astragal represents Hirose Co. connectors.

The company has developed and manufactured connectors for the past 70 years. The company products are of very high quality.


Our Team

The product manager has been engaged in this business for over 30 years and has extensive technical background and knowledge of company products.

Avi Pomerantz

Director of Electronics Department

Avi Pomerantz