Lab metering instruments

Lab metering instruments are designed to measure various parameters of electronic and electric components. The metering instruments differ in their operation and precision. One should note that beyond their major role, these instruments are used for R&D purposes and ongoing inspection on production lines, among other things. Most data metered by lab metering instruments are voltage, current, impedance, induction, capacitance etc.



  • Low resistance meters Low resistance meters
  • Battery testers Battery testers
  • (Impedance analyzers (LCR meters (Impedance analyzers (LCR meters
  • Power analyzers Power analyzers
  • Power Meters/Power Analyzers Power Meters/Power Analyzers


Hioki Co. is a Japanese company engaged in the metering instrument business for over 70 years. Its instruments ensure great precision in metering. The company has an innovative approach and launches new devices every year.

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The product manager has been engaged in this business for over 30 years and has extensive technical background and knowledge of company products.

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Avi Pomerantz