Gesis – sockets and plugs for modular installation

The Gesis electric modular installation line is an unprecedented global success. The advantages of using these products, based on the plug & play principle, provide 70% saving in installation time and a well-made, safe and easily modified electrical system.

For acoustic or floating ceilings, modular open space office systems or electric ducts, floating floors in office buildings, hospitals or computer rooms. The line includes an unusually large variety of 5,000 items that provide optimal solution for every possible application.




Wieland Co., Germany, caused a revolution in electrical piping with a breakthrough idea that generated the Gesis and Gesis IP+ lines.

Our Team

The department staff has extensive experience in this area. Their profound acquaintance and great amount of accumulated knowledge is expressed in provision of professional solutions for all possible applications. We will be pleased to provide you with this experience at any time.

Tamir Segal

Dir of Electromechanics Dept.

Tamir Segal