GRASSLIN was founded in 1956 as a family business in the heart of the Black Forest. Today, GRASSLIN is considered among the leading international companies in the field of time switches, light control and temperature control technologies.

GRASSLIN is a world leader in providing solutions for energy saving products.

Established in 1956

St. georgen, Germany

50 representative offices worldwide


The inception of GRASSLIN

The company was founded in 1956 by an engineer named Dieter Grässlin, in the Black Forest in Germany, and is considered a pioneer in the field of time switches.

With a number of inventions in the first years since its founding, the company has received international recognition as a company specializing in the fields of time switches, temperature and lighting control, and counters of hours of operation.


GRASSLIN is leading the field of time switches

GRASSLIN produces more than 1,500 products, the most prominent of which are: mechanical time switches (Shabbat timers), digital time switches, astronomical clocks, staircase lighting, photoelectric switches, and motion and presence detectors.

The products are known for their high quality and durability over time.

GRASSLIN and Astragal

Relationship between GRASSLIN and Astragal is over 40 years of age and is based on excellent interpersonal communication.

In combination with its high-quality products, GRASSLIN became the market leader of time switches in Israel.


Mechanical (Shabbat timers) and digital time switches

The vision of GRASSLIN Company is to make life easier for their customers with precise products.

A pioneer in the field of time switches, it left a significant mark in this field.

The time switches that include Shabbat timers stand the test of unmatched durability and accuracy for many years.

Shabbat timers

GRASSLIN’s expertise in time switches and the demand for Shabbat timers of high quality and precision, place their Shabbat timers in the first place, especially in the religious sector, in which there is need for switching of lighting and other electric equipment, during the Shabbat.

GRASSLIN’s Shabbat timers have been tested and approved for use by Zomet Institute.